Japanese Prayer Wall

Japanese Prayer Wall

Friday, October 22, 2010

Prayer Requests

Recently several people have asked me what they can be praying about on my behalf.  That’s such a great question because I can always use prayer!  Here are some ideas, in case you are interested.

Please pray for me
**To form meaningful relationships with the people around me
**To be able to share God’s love with others through my words and actions
**To have success with studying Japanese and to boldly speak it even though it’s still in the beginning stages of development
**To learn how to cook more Japanese foods
**To get more restful sleep.  I’m still not used to living on a busy street with a bus stop in front of my building and having the building shake whenever a large truck passes by
**To figure out how to minister to friends in the U.S. who experience difficult situations and who I want to be there for, even though I can’t physically be there
**To find joy in the little things all around me
**To see the world, myself, and others the way that God does

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