Japanese Prayer Wall

Japanese Prayer Wall

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Yakisoba: cabbage, carrots, and soba noodles.  I add fried egg on the side too.

Gyoza: sometimes called dumplings, insides vary but usually have cabbage and a tiny bit of meat

Gyoza after it's prepared


Sashimi: raw fish

Natto: fermented soy beans.  It's definitely an acquired taste that I don't have but does taste better with the added ingredients.

A beautiful dinner at Tim and Mari MaKenzie's home.  Notice that rice and miso soup are also added.  All pictures here were from that dinner except the yakisoba picture.


  1. I'm not going to lie. I would have a hard time eating, as I'm not very brave. They LOOK very cool... but. I think your life looks very cool.


  2. There are still quite a few foods that I have a hard time eating. I don't do very well with anything that is raw.